The other side of success is not luxury, but the art of life itself.

Every product at the indoor space is a rich expression. It presents many forms of performance such as steady, low-key luxury, artistic style and times strength.

A set of comfortable but not over staffed, fashionable but unpretentious furniture could embrace the individualized life with the spirit of nature and modern.
With the European classical style and modern popular elements, it can not only show the luxury of the host, but also the simple form which reflects the master’s artistic conservation and taste
Luxury is not the form of complex carving, let alone the gold and silver.
The real luxury is noble quality from inside out, which learns from contemporary design innovation and long humanity history of Italy.
Design of luxurious and fashionable life is not only related to the high-end position but also the quality of life, which is independent of wealth and status. It represents the pursuit of high quality home life.
Luxury is an emotional element, a deep feeling of pleasure and a sense of value that makes you comfortable and happy.
Not to walk in the front of times and not to show off. Only to enjoy good and comfortable life. This living attitude make people feel like being in the third space to temporarily escape the troubles to have a relax.
Luxury can be as simple as the smell from the grain leather, the sound of drawer sliding, or the atmosphere of home furnishing. All this is luxury, fame? Beauty? Dream? Showing off?
The process of making every product is a process of artistic creation. Every product has the design idea that transcends time and space and reality. Every product has its own unique production technology.
Break the monotony of the traditional classical style and inherit luxurious noble, delicate and warm texture.
FANDIAO engraves the essence of time and also contains the extraordinary story. It represents not only the taste and style, but also the power, luxury and the first class society.
Beautiful Hermes orange is made as a major feature in the entire space. Orange, between more anxious red and more vulgar yellow, is very finicky. As background, it’s not disorderly.
Bring history and culture into modern life, integrate decorative techniques into furniture. Form an open space through light, shadow and architecture which plays an important stage for decoration.
Every product becomes an art in the reality life by using the rose gold, natural marble, high light painting veneer and upholstery technology of top cars.
There are many big differences between the young generation and their elders. They advocate the living way of personality and freedom. In the design, we emphasize the principle of people oriented and the dominant position of man in technology, and pay more attention to humanization and liberalization.
Replace some modernisms with romanticism and individualism. Emphasize the people oriented in the natural and elegant life to highlight the cultural connotation of design.
In pursuit of the current trend culture, we integrate traditional classical elements with modern fashion elements to create a popular fashion design.
In design, we should create a unique, luxurious but low-key artistic temperament by mixing and stacking. We should be more diversified in the artistic style when replacing the unified modern style.
It’s full of rhythmic beauty, elegant and outstanding by using rectangle framework, the corners and edges of the panels and a lot of exquisite and elegant arc design. It is a forward-looking and informal design concept that caters to the aesthetic taste of the new noble family.
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